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C105 Bobbin Wounds

C105 S is designed for the preparation of adhesive handles for heavy packages. Its’ technical characteristics show suitable adhesion, special mechanical resistance and inertness to oxidizing agents – making it an ideal product for this application.

The Tape Handle System is composed of adhesive tapes and printed paper, or plastic, handles, along with a range of application systems from manual to fully automatic. Bottles and containers are typically multi-packed using shrink film, and the CEFMA tape handle is then applied over the top. This provides ease of carrying, as opposed to consumers struggling for grip with bulky multi-packs.


  • Can be used as a marketing tool as the handle can be fully customized printed either in paper or foam
  • Minimizes the packaging material used to handle products
  • Eliminates the need for boxes or plastic bags to carry products
  • Facilitates product transportation from the store to place of use
  • Provides convenient, comfortable and reliable handling of products, even foam handles are available for heavy products


Our adhesive tape C720 in LDPE with synthetic adhesive, without solvent, is perfect for package sealing in the food industry. Its flexibility and adhesion makes it ideal to apply even on irregular surfaces.