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Tamper Evident Tape

Our Tamper Evident Tape is a special packaging tape that leaves a warning message “Void Open” with removal attempts. Used to seal valuable items, it allows easy detection of theft/pilferage when goods are in storage or transit. An example of its use is as a military safety tamper or in industries including Banking, Logistics and more. Our Security Tape is of superior quality with a strong Polyester backing and Solvent Acrylic adhesive. It is easy to use by hand or in a dispenser, and resistant to high as well as low temperatures.

Benefits of Tamper Evident Tape

  • Good immediate tack to a wide range of cardboard types
  • Clear evidence of tampering
  • Red or blue as standard with other colours and custom print available upon enquiry

Security Tamper Evident Tapes can be applied to a massive range of surfaces including metal, plastic, paper, card, glass and many more.

Common applications include as a military safety tamper, in banking and aviation security, medical packaging seals and logistics monitoring. Also used for forensic intelligence investigation, electronic goods protection, and a variety of paper/plastic bags, boxes and cartons.

Tamper Evident Security Tapes are available in a range of widths and colours, we can even print your own company logo or text  for added image or identity etc.

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